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Lewiston Heartland Days
Medallion Hunt

CLUE #1 (Wed. - Farmer’s Market)

Summer's sun has not yet set, and a fun filled Lewiston Heartland Days is a sure bet.

And with the fun arrives a treasure, the medallion found could be your pleasure.

Search and search until you find the spot, for it's hidden in a weedy spot.

CLUE #2 (Thurs. Miss Lewiston Pageant)

Throw out a line to catch me if you can, but I like to turn and show a sign from above.

Stop for a moment to honor the past, then get it in gear, cause east bound and down you’ll travel by foot.

But who will you find, the Bandit or a Smokey this time.

Snowman and Frog have no fear, cause Fred has plenty of food near here.

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